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Control the Volume of your Stereo Speakers with a Wall-Mounted Controller

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If you have a multi-room audio system, you can control the volume of speakers in individual rooms by installing wall-mounted volume adjusters in each zone. If you are running more than one pair of speakers from the same amplifier speaker outputs, this impedance matching volume control will allow you to compensate for the impedance drop of using multiple sets of speakers in parallel. The 100-Watt Impedance Matching Volume Control wires between your amplifier/receiver and the speakers, letting you adjust the speaker volume with a 12 step attenuation slider. Simply slide the control up to increase the volume or slide it down to decrease the volume. A compact size and removable terminal blocks that accept up to 14-Gage wire make this volume controller an easy install. This product comes with the convenience of white, ivory, almond and black Decora inserts and volume sliders to match your home décor.

  • 100-Watt RMS capacity
  • Slider control moves up for increased volume and down for decreased volume
  • Allows up to 16 speakers to be connected to one amplifier
  • Easy to set impedance match level
  • Includes decora-style insert, trim plate and slider in white, ivory, almond and black
  • Also available: 50-Watt Impedance Matching Volume Control
  • Price: $79.99
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