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Petwatch IP Camera and Remote Pet Feeding System

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Whether you’re at work or on vacation, gain peace of mind knowing that you can remotely watch and feed your pet via the Internet. The Petwatch IP Camera and Remote Pet Feeding System has a built-in video camera, audio feeding alert and automated food release dispenser, all of which are accessible via the internet. The camera will let you keep an eye on how your pet is doing while you’re away from home. If you forgot to feed your pet on the way out the door, or if you are away from home for a couple days, you can activate the audio feeding alert system to notify your pet food is on the way and select one of eight feeding levels to fill the bowl. The container holds about 700g worth of food, enough to last an average sized pet well over a week. Additionally, a manual release button is located on the feeder, so feeding your pet while at home comes at the press of a finger.

The food bowl easily separates from the feeder and is dishwasher safe. The included power and Ethernet adapter are integrated into one simple connection at the base of the feeder with a protective plastic molding that is safe for your pets. The cord splits apart at the opposite end providing convenient connection to your computer and power outlet. An On/Off switch is located on the side of the unit and an LED is located on the front of the device lets you know that it is on, whether or not the cover has been closed properly and whether or not your network connection is active. Once the Petwatch has been connected to your router via the Ethernet cable, you can access the feeder and its features from any web-enabled PC or mobile device.

Please note: Your home computer does not need to be on to remotely access the Petwatch as you login via a separate website.

  • Innovative pet feeder has a built-in IP camera for viewing your pet over the internet
  • Remotely play a pre-loaded tune to let your pet know that it is time to eat
  • Remotely release food into the bowl to keep your pet nourished
  • Access the camera and controls with almost any web-enabled PC or mobile device
  • Included combination adapter provides for safe connection of the power and Ethernet cable
  • Price: $269.99
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