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Fencer Pliers: $13.32

If you ve done much work with fencing you know regular pliers just don t cut it no pun intended. High tensile fencing wire eats regular cutters and pliers for breakfast. That s why I created Black ... more info.

Hex-Sets 8 Piece Folding Hex Key Set: $6.65

The versatile Black Rhino Hex Set works much like a pocketknife. You'll enjoy the flexibility and convenience of 8 different size hex keys in one simple tool.Industrial strength constructionLeverage ... more info.

Long Snips: $16.65

Black Rhino Long Snips are the perfect tool for making long, straight cuts in steel, carpet, plastic and more. Each pair of Long Snips uses our patented I-beam; Rhino Grip handles for added strength, ... more info.

Adjusterz Pro-Adjust Rhino Wrench: $11.65

It s the little things that I like about good hand tools. That s why I designed the Rhino Grip Adjustable Wrench with a few extra touches you won t find elsewhere.For starters I made sure it was ... more info.

Blacksmith Hammer: $19.95

Not everyone can appreciate the value of quality cross pein hammer. That s why I designed the Black Rhino Blacksmith hammer with professional blacksmiths in mind.Our Cross Pein Blacksmith hammer is ... more info.

Circz Circular Pattern Snips: $13.95

If you ve ever tried to cut a tight circular pattern in sheet metal with regular snips you know what a pain it can be. That s why I created Circz Circular Pattern Snips. These duckbill snips make ... more info.

Fencer-Long 10 in. Fencing Plier: $14.98

Some months ago, after my dog had finally torn up the last shred of grass in my backyard, I decided to go ahead a build a chain link dog run. (Guess I could have done this before he tore up the ... more info.

HVAC Combo belt and bags: $129.00

hvac combo belt

Lucky 7 Screwdriver: $8.32

It s inevitable. When I m in the car or the office and I need a Phillips screwdriver, I ll find three flatheads. Conversely, if I need a flathead, I ll suddenly have four Phillips screwdrivers.I ... more info.

Air Grips 16 oz. Claw Hammer: $24.98

I get letters from folks around the country telling me how much they love Air Grips Hammers. Demolition contractors, concrete guys, masons and dozens of other construction pros love the mix of ... more info.


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