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Glider Kit Ladder Wheel Kit: $46.67

Now the world's most versatile ladder system is also the most mobile. With the pro-line tip and glide wheel kit, you can move your ladder into the storage position, tip it and walk. The ladder rolls ... more info.

Lit'l Tacker Staple Gun: $10.83

My wife does a lot of craft projects around the house upholstery, picture frames stuff like that. One of the tools she uses most is a staple gun. Unfortunately, most staple guns aren t designed to do ... more info.

10-Piece PH Bits: $6.65

Most contractors go through #2 Phillips head drill bits by the truckload. Our durable Black Rhino High Torque #2 bits are designed to reduce the number of bits you go through no matter how demanding ... more info.

Power Bit: $3.32

The Black Rhino Power Bit Magnetic Drill Bit Holder is the perfect accessory for your power drill. Our magnetic design makes for quick and easy bit changes, so it s great for projects that require ... more info.

Ball Pein Hammer: $23.95

If you work with metal, you know the advantages of having a good ball pein hammer. There s just no substitute for quality.That s why I built our Black Rhino Ball Pein Hammer with features to make it ... more info.

Chromies Blue Lens Safety Glasses: $9.98

We've spent years developing our ultimate new styles for top quality and performance. Compare our safety glasses to others and you'll see what we mean. Black Rhino is the right choice for safety on ... more info.

El' Black 25 ft. Tape Measure: $14.95

If there s one tool that s common to virtually every trade it s the tape measure. And if you re anything like me, your tape always takes a beating. That s why I designed the El Black ... more info.

H2O Plier: $7.95

The patented H2O Plier is a multipurpose tool that adjusts to dozens of sizes. Special gripper teeth allow you to grip virtually anything and make loosening rusty or stripped nuts and bolts quick and ... more info.

Lo-Pro Hacksaw: $18.32

The Lo-Pro Hacksaw is an industrial-strength hacksaw designed to fit in tight work spaces.Like all our tools, the Lo-Pro is designed to be versatile, innovative and to last a lifetime. The saw ... more info.

14-In-1 NK Ratcheting Screwdriver: $10.95

It s inevitable. When I m in the car or the office and I need a Phillips screwdriver, I ll find three flatheads. Conversely, if I need a flathead, I ll suddenly have four Phillips screwdrivers.I ... more info.


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