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Petzl OK Screw-Lock Carabiner: $10.46

Features of the Petzl OK Screw-Lock Carabiner Symmetrical oval shape allows optimal loading of devices with a wide section, such as pulleys, ascenders and progress capture pulleys Easier handling ... more info.

Camp USA Guide Lock Carabiner: $10.46

The Camp USA Guide Lock Carabiner is a Climbing carabiner for those that like the letter D. Shaped like the letter you love, this locking carabiner closes with a screw gate, ready to lock in and get ... more info.

MSR Sweetwater Purifier Solution: $10.47

The MSR Sweetwater Purifier Solution is a chemical treatment designed for use in conjunction with the MSR Sweetwater Microfilter. For protection in the backcountry, use 5 drops of this solution per ... more info.

MSR SuperFly AutoStart Igniter: $10.47

The MSR SuperFly AutoStart Igniter is an ignition for your SuperFly stove. The regular style SuperFly doesn't come with an auto-ignition, so this really turns up the heat and speed out on the trail. ... more info.

MSR Annual Maintenance Kit: $10.47

The Annual Maintenance Kit by MSR is a simple kit which allows you to easily perform annual maintenance on any MSR liquid-fuel stove and stove pump. Features of the MSR Annual Maintenance Kit ... more info.

MSR Stainless Steel Insulated Mug: $10.47

The MSR Stainless Steel Insulated Mug is a camping mug for drinking a warm coffee before heading out on the trail for the day. The stainless steel is strong and durable with a BPA-free lid that helps ... more info.

MSR Solid Heat Reflector and Windscreen: $10.47

The Solid Heat Reflector and Windscreen by MSR. The Solid Heat Reflector adds stability and speeds boil times for any MSR liquid-fuel stove, or the WindPro canister stove, while the Windscreen ... more info.

MSR Universal Canister Stand: $10.47

The MSR Universal Canister Stand. Super-stable wide base and adjustable universal Fit system ensure worldwide canister compatibility. Features of the MSR Universal Canister Stand Added Stability: ... more info.

Therm-a-Rest Mattress Loop Kit: $10.47

The Therm-a-Rest Mattress Loop Kit is an easy way to attach your Therm-a-Rest; blanket to your Therm-a-Rest; mattress. The self-adhesive snaps attach to your mattress, then you loop or snap the ... more info.


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